Somaliland:Presidency Reconciles with FM over UAE Military Base


Somaliland Presidency Reconciles with FM over UAE Military Base

Somalilandsun-Acrimonious between the presidency and Foreign minister have been resolved amicably following the intervention of elders.
The acrimonies arose after foreign minister Dr Saad Ali Shire proffered sentiments publicly as pertains fears raised by the Ethiopian government in connection to a proposed United Arab Emirates Military base in Berbera
The sentiments by the FM are reported to have been completely opposite of the position by senior presidency functionaries thence the dispute that is said to have exacerbated to the point of either the resignation of Dr Saad Ali Shire or his firing.
According to our sources the dispute was solved amicably following the intervention of elders from the foreign minister’s hometown of Berbera who upon ameliorating the disgruntled senior functionaries fronting the UAE base, completed the reconciliation by facilitating a face to face meet and subsequent exchange of handshake between president Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo and Dr Saad Ali Shire.
Our Attempts to ascertain the dispute and subsequent reconciliation from the foreign minister have been unsuccessful by the time of going to press.

Though not yet ascertained sources indicate that cabal of very senior and powerful administration figures at the presidency who are very much pro acceding to the UAE military base request in disregard to other concerns are directly responsible for the fallout, and not the president himself directly.