Somaliland: Thirst Kills 8 Year Old Saraar Girl


After livestock residents of Eastern Somaliland regions are now succumbing to drought effects

Somalilandsun- Residents of Kala-jeeh Area in Saraar region are mourning the death of an eight year old girl.
The deathly the 8 year old girl Farhiya that occurred in the drought affected eastern region of Somaliland came as the father Mahmud Hussein was out scavenging for water, not for watering livestock or cook but to quench thirst of his family.

According to reports the late Farhiya Mahmoud met her death not only as a result of thirst but including a combination of hunger and malnutrition.
The family and area residents were consoled by the Saraar regional drought relief committee which embark to the area upon news of the death spreading out.
“While consoling family, relatives of the deceased girl and area residents, we wish to inform that we are aware of the dire results of the ongoing drought that has depleted water and livestock fodder” adding that the in coordination with the national drought committee relief efforts shall be availed to all needy not only on the region but all affected in the country.
The regional committee also appealed to the the central government in Hargeisa and humanitarian organizations worldwide to chip-in with relief support in order to avert miseries like the one visited upon the family of Mahmoud Hussein, residents of Kala-jeeh and Saraar region in general as a result of drought induced hunger, thirst and malnutrition.
While many citizens have succumbed to effects of recurrent and prolonged droughts in the country this is the first time for such a incident of a young one losing life unnecessarily thence probably a call to concerted relief action as opposed to never ending politicking related to presidential elections slated for March this year.