Somaliland: Political Parties Chiefs and Democratization Stakeholders on Elections vis ‘a’ vis Drought


Somaliland Political Parties Chiefs and Democratization Stakeholders on Elections vis a vis Drought

Somalilandsun-A delegation of diplomats from countries supporting the Somaliland democratization process are expected in the country soon.
This was revealed following a meeting between leaders of the three national political parties and representatives from Denmark and the United Kingdom in Hargeisa.
The three political parties of ruling Kulmiye and two opposition of UCID and Wadani were represented at the closed door meeting by their leaders cum presidential candidates Muse Behi Abdi, Eng Feisal Ali Warabe and Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi ‘Irro’ respectively.
According to our sources discussions that revolved around the forthcoming presidential elections slated for Late March this year and prolonged drought in the country inter-alia
Sources indicate that the two Opposition parties of UCID and Wadani were in tandem on their pursuit of election postponement as a result of the drought and subsequent national relief efforts while ruling Kulmiye was adamant on possibility of conducting the ballot and drought relief activities simultaneously

According to the Wadani party the severe drought has resulted in most residents of drought affected areas shifting to other areas which are away from where they registered as voters.
The opposition party’s leader and presidential candidate Abdirahman Irro is reported to have argued that the absence makes distribution of voter cards impossible of which he recommended complete cessation until otherwise. “While we are for timely elections the ongoing dispersal of drought affected citizens makes the exercise untenable as planned this coming March” Irro is said to have said in justification of election postponement thus concentrate in drought relief.

The leader cum Presidential candidate of Kulmiye Muse Behi Abdi is reported to have stated that the government and his ruling party are ready to undertake the ballot exercise as slated.
In justification Muse Behi whose stand is that drought and elections should not be intertwined argued that it was possible to hold the elections and drought relief efforts simultaneously.

According to UCID’s chief and presidential aspirant Eng Feisal Ali Warabe the absence of over 70% of prospective voters from their areas of registration as reported by the national election commission was reason enough to delay the forthcoming elections.
“Rather than the difficult act of soliciting votes from hungry and thirsty people it is better to differ elections to a later date and concentrate all efforts of relief efforts” Eng Warabe is reported to have argued thence a stand with his opposition politics colleague Irro.
Feisal is also said to have urged the international community to concentrate on life saving measures with relief donations as opposed to adamancy on elections as slated.
Reports indicate that the two democratization process partners who urged common sense to prevail thence concerted agreement on the pros and cons of March presidential elections in lieu of the drought also revealed that a large diplomatic delegation representing all Somaliland democratization process stakeholders shall soon visit the country for first hand insights on the elections vis ‘a’ vis drought divide.