Somaliland: Prepare Militarily for Inevitable Confrontation with SFG” Elder Ahmed Yasin


Former Somaliland VP Ahmed Yusuf Yasin who also urges Withdrawal from Pointless Talks with Somalia

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – “The ongoing and internationally sanctioned talks between Somaliland and Somalia are an exercise in futility’
This was stated by Elder Ahmed Yusuf Yasin during an interview with Geeska Newspaper in Hargeisa where he also urged the government and citizens of Somaliland prepare for armed conflict brewed from Mogadishu’
On the issue of ongoing talks with Somalia whose fifth phase is expected to ensue mid this month in Turkey the former vice president of Somaliland in the 8 years administration of President Dahir Rayale Kahin said that withdrawal was the only option since the Somalia federal Government-SFG is only buying time as it battles with the armed Al-Shabaab group which controls large swathes of the country despite thousands of AMISOM troops.
Said he “I urge the Somalilanders to support the government’s withdrawal from commitment to talks with SFG because Mogadishu lacks seriousness thence does not place any importance on the talks” adding that the two negotiating teams have always been intent on two divergent agendas thus a middle ground shall never be achieved.
Since the first face to face talks between the two formerly united countries were ensued in London follow recommendations from the international community in 2012 Somaliland has always been adamant on the the irrevocability of its sovereignty reclaimed after prolonged civil war in 1991 while Mogadishu has consciously stood for reunification.
According to the former VP and now honourary member of Guurti, the Somaliland house of elders and upper chamber of parliament the pointlessness of the Talks have been exemplified by SFG which has on several occasions recanted from agreed upon issues it has signed beginning in Chevening House in London, in Dubai , Ankara, Istanbul I as well as in Istanbul II.

From left President Hasan PM Erdogan President Silanyo Turkish FM Davutoglu and Dr Omar after meeting in Turkey/file
The SFG which has never hidden its desire to recreate the 1960 established Somalia republic that came about as a result of a voluntary union between Somaliland a former British protectorate and Italia –Somalia which dissolved after Somaliland withdrew in 1991.
“As sure as the Sun rises from the East authorities in Mogadishu are buying time with the Turkish hosted dialogue as they battle armed opposition groups in their country led by Al-Shabaab” Said the former VP adding that once the war against Al-Shabaab is won the SFG will turn its attention to Somaliland.
Urging an expedited enhancement of the country’s military strength through equipping and training Ahmed Yusuf Yasin said the armed forces must be put in readiness for the war with Somalia to occur as soon as the SFG, if ever defeats Al-Shabaab.

Similar sentiments have in the past been expressed by amongst others the youthful UCID party presidential Candidate Jamal Ali Hussein for SFG failures to implement agreements