Somaliland: State Jump Starts Citizens Registration


Somaliland Cabinet members unanimously approve the registrationo of persons draft bill at an extra ordinary session chaired by president Silanyo in Hargeisa

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Both chambers of parliament are set to debate, amend and approve a draft Citizens Identity Card cum voter Registration Bill.
This develo0pment follows an extra ordinary session of the Somaliland Council of ministers chaired by President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo at the Hargeisa presidency where the full cabinet approved the draft thence submission to parliament.
According to presidential spokesperson Ahmed Suleiman Duhul the now on the way to parliament registration bill shall facilitate and expedite the holding of Parliamentary and presidential elections slated for mid 2015.
“The Kulmiye government led by president Silanyo is all set for elections and those shouting to the contrary should instead start preparations for electoral contest”
The above comments by Duhul were in apparent references to a recent call for a government of national unity come this December by opposition politicians who attributed their radical move to what they termed as the lack of meaningful administration arrangements and preparedness for the 2015 elections.
In lieu of the acrimonious situation exacerbated by the delayed registration of citizens it is expected that parliament where most of those shouting for a government of national unity are current members shall accelerate debate and subsequent approval.