Somaliland: Premier Bank Hailed for Supporting Local University Students

Somaliland: Premier Bank Hailed for Supporting Local University Students
VP sayli 2nd L with Latest beneficiaries of the premier bank's Somaliland university students program

Somalilandsun Thank you Premier Bank for encouraging the university students of Somaliland”
The commendations to the local Somaliland branch of  Premier Bank come from   Dr. Abdi E Obseyeh in a piece that reads
Quote-We often forget why our parents teach us to say: Thank you’ at an early age, but we should know that that thank you is an important word which shows appreciation towards someone.

Yes, Premier bank have done many such programs in the last couple of years. I was not aware of the last preceding events but have got the chance of following this program. The other reason that why I was interested this was that some of my graduate students from Adal Medical university students were among the competitors in this program( don’t laugh).
I have watched with great interest all the parts of the program and had enjoyed how the students showed their skills to defended their projects?

What was even more amazing was how the 4 committee were well organized, prepared and shot questions to each of the competitors! Most of the competitors thought inviting some friends in the hall will increase their score if asked the participants to vote.

Unfortunately, this did not work, because the committee had their own Criteria to evaluate
Lastly, congratulations to all the participants of this program and specially to the three winners of this program (Golis.Adal medical University and Badar University) and to my optometry students.. Dr. Abdullahi Ahmed Suleyman and Dr. Mawlid Osman Hassan who are the products of Adal medical university and won the 2nd reward of Premier Bank Yes, We are proud of you.

Somaliland: An Open Letter to the Minister of Education and Higher Studies
Would the minister of education in Somaliland listen attentively to concerns raised by students? Dr.Abdi. E.Obseyeh

I am glad you have shown your skills and competence May Allah help those who help each other. Unquote

This awards are part of the 2022 Entrepreneurial competition for University students jointly organized by Premier Bank and the Somaliland Ministry of Sciences and education. Read more HERE