Somaliland: Quality Control and the Chemistry Laboratory

Somaliland quality control commission logo

Somalilandsun: The Somaliland Quality Control Commission-SQCC was established through presidential decree in 2010 with Parliament approval coming in 2014.

With the mandate to promote standardization, metrology and quality assurance in industry and commerce,  the SQCC has established a Chemistry Laboratory 

The  Lab carries out chemical analysis of chemical composition of both edible and non-edible products.

The scope of accreditation is calcium, potassium, sodium and metals for water; moisture content for honey; ash content, moisture content, protein content for cereal foods and cereal flour; and metals for fruit and vegetables.

The Chemistry Laboratory provides services that help prevent contaminated and adulterated foods products from entering the domestic market.

The services provided also enhance the quality of the various products manufactured in Somaliland, by providing the industries with advice, information, and test results on the quality of their products.

The mandate of the Somaliland quality control commission is 

The Mandate Of SQCC Is:

Article 7 Underlines The Functions And Duties Of SQCC