Somalia: Unblocked Presidential Elections Amid Risks of Deepening Crisis

President Farmajo’s assertiveness brought about political crisis in Somalia


Somalilandsun: Election of parliament leaders in Somalia paves way for presidential vote.

After the protracted delays and obstacles in choosing the members of parliament, the election of the parliamentary leadership is a major achievement of Somalian governance.

A power struggle between the prime Minister and president has contributed to the delayed election process in Somalia. The elections had been scheduled for a year ago but were delayed when Mohamed tried to extend his four-year term by two years, a move thwarted by parliament.

The election of speakers in the parliament and senate is a key step to form the new government, which must be in place by May 17 if Somalia is to continue receiving budget support from the International Monetary Fund. Somalia’s international partners have already welcomed the successful elections for leadership positions in the Upper House on April 26, 2022 and the House of the People on April 27-28, 2022.

The President election will now be completed promptly, peacefully, and credibly, so that Somalia’s elected leaders can address national priorities for the benefit of all its citizens. Continue reading HERE