Somaliland: EID Festivities turn Fatal as Girl Drowns in Berbera

The Berbera beach is always full with tourists from all regions of Somaliland during public holidays

Somalilandsun: A young Girl has died sea while swimming in  Berbera a favourite spot for holidaymakers in Somaliland.

According to a report by Horncable TV the late Iglan Ismail Hassan died at the local hospital where she had been taken  for treatment after rescue.

The rescue efforts undertaken jointly  by Locals and  navy divers  ensued with the safe retrieval of three other people who had drowned with the deceased.

“While all four were rescued alive the young girl later died in hospital with the three others surviving and receiving medical attention” an witness told the HCTV.

Residents and security officials undertake rescue operations during the fatal drowning at Berbera Beach Somaliland

During festivals such as Eid, young tourists from all regions of Somaliland flock to the Battalale beach in Berbera, and with most being unskilled  swimmers similar problems occur regularly.

Though the Local administration and security forces issue warnings to the many and mostly youthful toursits  who flock the beach during various holidays drwoning has become a fixture thence urgent measures like employing life guards