Somaliland: Politicians Should Eliminate Political Obstacles between Parts Leaders


By: Hassan Jama Yasin

Somalilandsun – Somaliland politician cannot move forward their political issues for twenty-one years. Somaliland had declared their independence on 18-May -1991. After they went through a long way to reclaim it back.

They made peace agreement amongst the different clans, who represented the nation of Somaliland. Furthermore they had been held so many conferences, which were based on different scenarios such as : Created peace agreement various clans, open political parts, held referendum, parliamentary election and made constitutions of Somaliland and so on.

In contrast It appearance that Somaliland politician they do not want to move head and ended up with their political matters and focused on their responsibility, however they have already started to created another political conflict, when the Mr president Siirayo announced to open more parties and allowed, which were based on tribalism ideologies that made entire disastrous of the nation and misled their common goals.

In my opinion, The principal reason that they accepted to open more political parts were because the all parts leaders who are representative the new parts, they could not had chance to achieve their political ambitious, if they were remained as member of candidate of their previous parts such as : Kulimiye ,Ucud and Udub, therefore, they sought out alternative method to improve their political ambitious and their aims was how will they get opportunity to run for presidential elections and forgot the nation interest but though head their personal political ambitious.

Ultimately, It is essential that all parts strategic have understood together and build up confidence, working together, reconciled their obstacles and terminated any political matters that may concern between parts leaders and start the fundamental elements that will bring together and recognise their difference .finally, measure of political ambitious is not where you stand up in moment of comfort but where you stand up of challenges, prosperity, development of your nation and re structure the future of your children .Somaliland politician had been argued their political matters for last fifteen years and we should have ended up with it for long time.

Hassan Jama Yasin.