Somaliland: Government Surprised By the Exit of MSF


By: Guleid A Makhir Turkana

Somalilandsun -The Somaliland government said that they were caught off guard by the sudden exit of the humanitarian organization Medicine San Frontiers- MSF from the country.

Speaking to Dawan Newspaper, on telephone the Minister of National Planning Mr. Saad Ali Shire said that the exit of MSF was done without consultation with the government and leaves a bad taste to the mouth to the many of Somaliland wealth institutions run by MSF.

The Minister added that the organization had not encountered any security threats in the country and if any most of MSF work is based in Somalia their presence is felt in towns of Mogadishu, Afgoye, Dayniile, Jilib, Kismayo, Bal-cad, Jawhar, Marerey and Gaalkaayo and only in one town of Somaliland which is Burao.