Somaliland: Political Moves by Past Officials Aim to Pierce through top Wadani Ranks


Among president Silanyo's ex ministers suspected of mischevious political moves are L-R Duur, Hashi and Boobe

By M.A. Egge
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A group of politicians who were sacked from the government are said to be ganging up in a front meant to wring opposition party Wadani behind the veil of bolstering it.
Reports have it that former senior cabinet ministers Mohammed Noor Arrale Duur, Dr. Hussein Muhummed Mohammed Hoog, Eng. Mohammed Hashi Elmi, Ali Elmi Gelle and Boobe Yusuf Duale were in the frontline of the politicians’ group who want to join Wadani in an MoU that would have them wrest the chairmanship’s post, or the presidential aspiracy candidature in lue, from the incumbent Hon. Abdirahman Irro.
According to our sister paper Dawan, reports have it that the politicians, together with other former senior civil servants such as former RG Ahmed Omar Abdillahi Hamarji, former DG Ahmed Elmi Yare, former Energy Agency chief Ahmed Weli Hawo etc met at Hotel Crown in the city over the weekend hence are said to have put forth three major conditions for joining Wadani.
The conditions which pundits assume that would not go well with the Wadani heirachy has a major bone of contention pinned on either the leadership of the party or the flagbeanership of the presidential aspirancy. The report says that they, for one, are to join the Wadani party as a block made up of all their supporters.
Secondly, Wadani has to give them the chairmanship post or the presidential candidature’s one.
And that, thirdly, summarized by the fact that without the acceptance of the accord by Wadani they would not be party of it!
It is believed that the Wadani party hierarchy are expected to meet soon in the capital to ponder over the above and meet this group.
It is also said that Mr. Duur who has been spearheading this defection to Wadani could not convince his colleagues to forego the conditions.
Only time will tell whether the move by these past officials are efforts in cahoots to waylay Wadani or if it is a timely and clever political calculation.
Meanwhile, sources close to Hon. Irro are said to have termed the conditions as not feasible. However they have it that the issue would be addressed as they may be deemed; be it giving pledges or lip service.