Somaliland: MPs Should Meet their Obligations


Somalilandsun – The political temperature of the climate in the national politics had indeed upped to a fever that for the last three weeks has had its pitch threatening to tear apart over assemblies.

The populaces who have for long showed and practiced perseverance and understanding have, as they always did, wished that all will come to pass with the same harmony whose chords are struck by amicability. Against all tribulations, they have still portrayed and maintained peaceful stability and continue to do so.
Now that the parliament which was due to resume yesterday have hand another week extended into their recession, the population expects from them sanity, sobriety and to dwell upon what they have been elected to.
For instance, as for national obligations, we still are behind schedule as far as the constituting of the new National Electoral Commission (NEC) committee is concerned.
Letting aside the recent passing of bucks in an ambiguous manner of to and fro counter accusations, this column stands perpetually by the wants, wishes and hopes of its readers who have phoned us in uncountable number of times.
What they need is surely what the country expects and, ofcourse, what the THT stands for.
Parliamentarians should put the nation and her people’s aspirations first and formost.
They should work for the welfare of the country and the people because what they want is development in all sectors of socio-economic and socio-political sectors; just as they want justice, righteousness, prosperity, peaceful stability, private individual and public group security, hope for our posterity etc.
In other words what the people demand and expect from the MPs is for them to cling to their obligations guided by their procedural rules and undertakings to make sure that all is well in as far our political devlopment and stability is concerned.
As for the senior upper house of the senate, the people of course believe that they will live up to their reputation and hold high the banner of our household name of celebrated flag of homemade ‘masters of conciliation’ tag that has made us felt and heard far and wide.
It is in this spirit that we expect unnecessary hulabaloos and minor petty issues that might set our clock back be halted.
And in this same breath, we should join our hands together, and with the same thrust, pull our throttles in order to fly high and straight within the path that our President has always appealed for.
We should rally together to appease our the interests of our national aspirations and NOT anything to the contrary.
Meanwhile, as we went to press we were jammed by support of congratulatory messages for the return to the helm of radio management the veteran journalist Mohammed Said.
Perhaps the action goes down well to depict the real perceptions of the members of public, thus showing the yardstick of fathoming performances of senior officials in public offices.
As we wish him well in his endeavours, we thank too the minister for the official’s appointment and, once more, call upon other journalists to emulate the righteous in the media industry.
An original editorial of The Horn Tribune-THT an English weekly published in Hargeisa by the government owned Dawan Media Group