Somaliland: House of Representatives Extends Recess


Speaker of Somalilad house of representatives Abdirahman Irro flanked by his deputies Bashe Mohamed L and Ali Yusuf R anonounce recess extension

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland lower house of parliament shall resume business on 15th November
This was disclosed in a letter co-signed by Speaker Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi “Irro” and his two deputies Bashe Mohamed Farah and Ali Yusuf Ahmed respectively and dated 8th November 20014.
“Members of parliament are informed that the house has extended its recess for a week from today with the new session opening on 15th November” read the statement.
The speakers attributed house recess extension to incomplete drafting of agendas for the incoming session.
Though not yet verified, lawmakers shall enjoy the extra one week vacation courtesy of controversies surrounding the registration bill which Guurti, the upper chambers of the Somaliland parliament refused to debate following claims by the elders chair Suleiman Aden that the submitted draft had been doctored by speaker Irro.
Irro who submitted the registration bill approved by the lower chambers he leads has vehemently denied any alleged tampering, in turn accusing his Guurti opposite of ploys to facilitate the government postponing presidential and parliamentary elections slated for mid 2015.
While the saga of the registration bill necessary to jumpstart voter registration goes on, the Somaliland democratization stakeholders have raised fears of election delays while the government remains adamant that the polls shall be held as scheduled.
See below the house extension letter in Somali language

House recess extension letter