SOMALILAND-Police Action Was Legal -Fadal


Brigadier Gen Fadal Iman

By: M.A. Egge.

Hargeisa: (somalilandsun)-The National Police Force Commander Brig. General Abdillahi Fadal Iman has clarified that the force used legal means to stop operations at Hubaal Media which publishes a local vernacular newspaper of the same name.

The general said they acquired legal papers to facilitate the operation of securing the premises following the successful application of a court order.

The latest Hubaal saga to virulently infuriate the police follows publication of reports claiming that there was bad blood between the general and his second in command.

The report, added the general, did not only claim that he and Brig. General Abdirahman Foohle were at loggerheads, but it also alleged that tribal and clannish trends and leanings were depicted by the commander.

Brigadier Fadal was further irked by the fact that it had become a normal feature and culture for the paper to disseminate falsehoods with impunity.

He further denied vehemently the fact that he had ordered the freeing of a policeman who earlier in the year attacked Hubaal premises injuring the owner Mohamemd Jama A’looley.

Last week the Brigadier was angered by similar unverified news published by the same paper falsely alleging that a senior police officer was murdered at Ahmed-Dagah district within the city.