Somaliland: Parents and Teachers’ Working together can Ensure a Student’s School Success


Somalilandsun – Every Parent wants what is best for their child, and teachers want what is best for their students. That’s why parent/teacher collaboration is so important. By working together, parents and teachers can provide the best learning environment, both at home and at school, for students.

One of the first things that need to keep in mind is that school situations can affect home life, and vice-versa. If a child doesn’t sleep well, this can affect productivity at school. If a child feels that there is the victim of bullying, this can spill over into their lives at home. By opening up the lines of communication, parents and teachers can address these types of issues together.

It’s also important for students to know that their parents and teacher are collaborating to ensure their academic success. Homework is one of the ways parents can do this. Homework helps parents get an idea of what their child is doing in school. By looking over their child’s work, and helping them when they need extra help, they can ensure that their child does their best. Homework is also a valuable way to reinforce classroom lessons, and parents and teachers need to develop ways to motivate students to want to complete it. A way to do this is to set up a system for holding students accountable, both at home and at school. For example, students can fill out homework charts. They can then be rewarded or praised in both places for their efforts. Sharing what rewards are being used at home and at school provides a good way to work together as well. If teachers remind students of the reward they will get at home, and the parent reminds them of the school reward, then they will have more incentive to work toward that goal.

Another way teachers and parents can collaborate is by coming up with a growth plan. Whether it is a behavior plan or an academic plan, you can sit down with parents and create mini-goals throughout the year for the student. You target one or two goals for a certain period, whether it’s for a week, two weeks, a month, or even a school year. This can be a way that teachers and parents work together. If you both know the goal you are trying to reach, then the student will succeed because it is being reinforced at home and at school.

Working with the parent of a student is always a good idea, instead of just coming up with ideas on your own. Keep in mind that most parents know their child best, and, therefore, by working with them, you have a very good resource to highlight the child’s abilities and behaviors.

Mohamoud Dahir Omar
Education Analyst

Mobile: 0634423327