Somaliland: Musa, Fly with the Flock!


Musa are you flying with the formation

Somalilandsun – We do not want you to fall away from the arrow-shaped formation of the high-flying flock. We do not want you to be left behind because of your inability to win the trust and loyalty of your fellow birds of the same feather. If you are not leading the formation, that does not mean you have totally fell out of grace with the rest. They still want you with them. Not emerging as the best man in the contest should not make you lose sight of your worth – or your merit – as a useful, resourceful team player. Bow to correct decisions which are not the same as surrendering to dismay and melancholy as a disgruntled loser and a disgraced quitter. Your true mettle lies not in kudos gathered but in lessons learned, in wisdom acquired.

Nobody has taken over your role as Chairperson presiding over party matters. It is only you who can deny yourself of your rightful place in history. Only you.

Kulmiye needs a leader. It is rather embarrassing to appear in jocks for a match in an empty arena, no spectators, no fanfare and where none had been slated or declared. Bide your time and appear to the roar of adoring fans tight across the whole auditorium only when you are sure of your reception. That will last you for a long time. False starts only diminish your chances of finding the right, mainstream support base that can stand you in good stead on opportune moments.
Avoid, too, hearkening to the gurgling sounds of the uninitiated mistaking the sounds for lilting adulations of ultra-loyal followers waiting expectantly in masses for your appearance. You have the years, the seniority and the experience to judge for yourself. They do not.
Do not be mislead, either, by discontented self-proclaimed politicians who had been turned away from the gates of the cabinet of ministers whose leader found them wanting. This camp comes in many forms and shapes: carpetbaggers, clan touts, gossip mongers, disguised detractors, traitors, spies and the like. Rise way above them.
Natural bad losers may inch their way to you to tell you what you know is not right. They may shed tears and rave and rant to drive their point home. They may howl feigned damages to their egos because of your honor to your solemn promise to the Guurti. They may harangue you and harass every moment of your waking life by making you feel you betrayed them. Know you did not. You saved them – and the day. You, as leader of one of the two contending wings, helped save Kulmiye and the unity of its constituents. Today is a day, tomorrow is another.

Silanyo leads the formation

Your opponents pretended concern. Enemies lurked in the shadows to bounce you and tear you apart, biding their time. Crocodile tears showered on you. Somalia celebrated because of a perceived demise for Somaliland. You and the President, at the end of the day, emerged as true ‘Landers. Join hands and make us all proud of you by continuing to spearhead these unprecedented development initiatives of the Kulmiye-led government. You, as the leader of the party, the President, as the successful chief executive of the state, your deputies, your supporters – the whole nation – will forever revel in the glory of the day that we all helped be. That is history. That is honor incarnate. That is Somaliland.

Musa, accept our felicitations for honoring the Guurti right after you came back from a well-put defense of Somaliland against a party leader who, in front of participants of the SAPD validation workshop at Ambassador on June 7, wished Somaliland to fall, even badly mimicking the Calanyahow ha dhicin song! You know the details.
Congratulations to His Excellency the President for, once again, turning theory into practice by gracefully accepting your challenge for the Presidency in 2015 and showing his true mettle as a regal statesman of the highest caliber!

Above all, you know we have the protection of God who graced us with the presence of stalwart patriots in the Guurti. No amount of words can repay them for always rising to the occasion. May God bless them all!
Dr. Deria N Jire
Nairobi, Kenya