Somaliland: Opposition Parties Waiting Vainly for a Never Coming Electoral Victory!


Irro of Wadani and Jamal of Ucid challenge the second bid of preisdent Silanyo

Somalilandsun – Democracy requires more than the setting up a non-productive political party. It requires more than a pretentious and baseless media showdown. Indeed it requires alliances, grassroots support, principal based vision and a context driven marketable policy agenda.

The leaders of the opposition parties are desperately willing to rule this country one day, yet their actions will give them no real prospect for winning the hearts and minds of the Somaliland electorate in the upcoming presidential elections in 2015. On the contrary, they are utterly self-defeating, every opening is obstructed and every opportunity is spurned by the opposition leaders themselves. Unlike the ruling party, the opposition parties are neither convincing nor coherent political establishments. For both parties, there are no significant policy initiatives as well as professional party management which can provide the necessary guidance for the parties’ administration as well as for grassroots with the purpose of convincing the voters that the opposition parties are indeed on course to replace the ruling party.

The way in which the leadership and other officials of the opposition parties behave, their unprofessional tongue towards the current government, their indifferent attitude regarding the future of the country and people; in essence these are the real causes of all the misery and despair that the opposition parties are now dealing with. The opposition parties are not geared up to the needs, challenges, obstacles & social-changes facing Somaliland’s people today. They prefer a short-sighted individual political interest rather than a shared, broad-based common interest and an all-inclusive political vision. They can no longer act as an instrument for change or alternative for the ruling party and its government. By the opposition parties facts are distorted and rumours are adopted for the truth. They publicly make unsubstantiated statements and entirely confected stories designed to stir up non-existent public hysteria and social instability. They take every opportunity to be aggressive by trying to cause reputational damage to the integrity of the President, his family members as well as his cabinet members.

The leaders as well as other officials of the Opposition Parties constantly voice hateful and politically incorrect utterances wherein envy and clan sentiments are at the core of their arguments. These gentlemen need to understand that the statehood and clan loyalties cannot coexist together and have a destructive effect on each other. The people of this great nation (the Republic of Somaliland) are expecting that the leaders of the opposition parties should demonstrate by their deeds, words and actions that they are: nation builders, not destroyers; true democrats, not dictators with unlimited power; unifiers but not divisive.

No fixed destination, neither for themselves nor for their party grassroots!!
The Somaliland Opposition parties are led by men who hear only their fear and fury instead of hearing their peace of mind and optimism. Every action they make digs their chances to succeed deeper into despair. The leaders of the Opposition parties are still waiting in vain an election victory that never comes. Aided and abetted by incurable political fallacy and false conceit, the leaders of UCID and WADDANI (Mr. Faysal Ali Waraabe & Abdirahman Cirro) consider themselves to be the sole and righteous politicians to lead the Republic of Somaliland. When the Opposition leaders condemn and criticize every move President Silaanyo’s government makes, when they portray a democratically elected President as one who does not fit for the purpose, who do they think will do the job then? Their mindset sounds like “our TRIBESMAN or no one else is capable of leading the country”!!

Ruling party Kulmiye  faces challenge from Wadani and UCID parties in 2015 presidential and parliamentary elections

The leaders of Oppositions parties are consistently against the interests of their country and nation, and many doubt whether they have the slightest feeling for Somaliland’s cause. They seem lost in the wild seas with no fixed destination, neither for themselves nor for their party and supporters. Their inconsistent and unpredictable character makes them unfit to fulfil the highest job title in the country; surely they will bring more harm than benefit for Somaliland. The leaders of the opposition parties are lacking of Clear Vision and Marketable Social and Political Agenda. They suffer a collective political failure and lack of vision, leadership conviction and political acumen. Unfortunately they do not constitute an alternative for the ruling party. Their shortcomings are now visible in every aspect.

The difference that separates KULMIYE from the other national political parties:
One particular feature that makes the KULMIYE party so unique is its unparalleled ability to resolve their problems and disagreements within the party regardless of how difficult it is. Despite the fact that the ruling party (KULMIYE) was dealing with numerous internal problems and contradictions, the experience has taught us that this party is indeed capable to resolve their own problems by itself. And that is the difference that separates KULMIYE party from the other national political parties.

What KULMIYE’s government has achieved in 4 years time is beyond discussion. Everywhere in our country there are positive developments visible. In a very short time, KULMIYE’s administration has achieved incredible results on all fronts which also belong to all Somaliland citizens without exception. Therefore, they (Somaliland electorate) have got every right to defend this government’s success and realised social and economic progress.

In the current political drama in our country, some untested and vengeful Somaliland politicians are already buried in the dark before they reach at the end of the tunnel. Somaliland citizens are thinking twice before they trust on those unproven politicians who preferred a short-sighted individual political interest rather than a shared, broad based common interest and an all-inclusive political vision. They only seem to know how to be young boys running around in the political battle ground, but they do not have the guts and daring instinct to be resolute and reasonable politicians equipped with a principal based vision as well as context driven marketable policy agenda. Unfortunately, the Opposition parties have collectively failed to come up with significant policy initiatives and social-change alternatives to convince Somaliland voters that they (opposition parties) are indeed on the right track to replace the ruling party and its government.

Eng Hussein DeyrThat is why in the upcoming presidential elections next time round, the vast majority of Somaliland voters will surely vote for the incumbent president. Simply because the results and social progress achieved by his government in 4 years time speak for them self. These are the grounds on which the Somaliland electorate will base on their voting decision.

God bless the Republic of Somaliland and its Noble People.

|By: Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh| Hussein Deyr| |Birmingham, UK|