Somaliland: U’kuse is Diligent and steadfast in Fulfilling his Duties


Somalilandsun – It beats common sense when people of supposedly high profile offices stoop too low and deal in flimsy, petty and uncalled for issues thinking that they are walking tall and dealing in tangible things!

For a deputy chair of an official national opposition party assume that he is doing his boss some service by barking whenever he (boss) errs is quite sad.
The sadness in this case is so disgusting given that what the concerned assistant chairman has done is really doing a great disservice to the people of his party and the nation as a whole at large.
The information minister was not picking on Wadani boss for the heck of it other than the sole reason of speaking the truth and telling the nation a fact that was there.
It is true that Hon. Irro has been crying foul on the “presidential tenure extension”, something that has not yet happened, brought forth nor not yet discussed.
If anything the Head of State vowed that when it came to his tenure, then not a minute should be added.
The fact is clear that Irro and his ilk in the parliament had time and again extended theirs such that he is now serving illegally extended time equivalent to the same period of his legal tenure!
When Hon. U’kuse reminded people of such hypocrisy, Mr. Mumin Seed claimed foul! What he did was indeed only wasting time and money hence showed what type of inept leadership Wadani had in store in Mr. Seed.
He should have otherwise dealt with issues; most important was about the pre-requisites before the up coming elections.
For instance the policy papers and articulated regulations that abound, the demarcation of internal administrative boundaries (provinces, districts etc), the registration of both national and electorate identification of personal indexes etc.
To claim that the official national government spokesman is out of order whereas he was indeed doing exactly what he was appointed for is really awkward.
Mr. Seed should instead have searched for other appropriate ammunitions in his political arsenal to defend his own boss and party.
Furthermore, as we have pointed out before in this same column, the permanent committee of the parliament is held by a senior Wadani official -in fact their official spokesman hence the speaker himself is the boss. Much and more would they have done for the people and republic of Somaliland if they parleyed well with the government.
They have the power they want hence they should be the last people who could cry foul.
If any extension occurs, it should be well known that they (Wadani) are the ones who are behind it.
Somalilanders are mature and intelligent enough and this time round we are not going to sit back and be trampled upon.