Somaliland: Presidential Press Service Report on Four Years Government Achievements


Increased new school registration and reduction in dropout rates in Somaliland schools

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Various sectors in the country have seen tremendous advancements during the four years of Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo’s tenure as the president of Somaliland.

While efforts are still under implementation by the diverse departments of government , achievements recorded in the short span of time though undertaken by the administration is successful because of the support given by citizens within and in the diaspora as well as other related stakeholders
The sixteen page Somali language achievement report prepared by the presidential press service and signed by presidential spokesperson Ahmed Suleiman Duhul details achievements by sectors as indicated below:
Foreign Policy
“We have stepped and pepped up efforts of getting SL recognized”, said the President.
Foreign policy which is the backbone and guide to strategies of the relationship Somaliland has with other countries worldwide has seen status of the sovereignty quest enhanced by the visibility the nation has gained due to intensive engagement with the international community.

Somaliland ministry of foreign affairs L-R Now and four years ago
Being unrecognized as country the foreign policy of president Silanyo has been concentrated on ensuring that the international community is well versed on issues related to the withdrawal from union with Somalia and subsequent declaration of independence.
Within the span of four years the government has so far participated in several international conferences, is on talks with neighboring Somalia and has established bi-lateral relations with several new nations and international organizations.

National security
The President has continuously underscored the importance of security emphasizing that without peace and stability life was impossible. “Peaceful stability is the basic foundation of life for humanity hence it is the vein whose lack negates development and progress”, believes the Head of State.

We are all aware that the prevalent harmonious peaceful stability in the country is amongst the top in African scale.

President of Somaliland left  and PM Erdogan of Turkey
While there are enemies against the country’s aspirations the country’s servicemen are now better equipped, receive better salaries, have had their institutional academies upgraded and established hence laws have been put in place to govern the policies of the intelligence, police andante-terrorists forces.

These achievements that are also attributed to the vigilance of citizens have enabled the country to secure all its boarders while keeping terrorists and pirates at bay.

2. Public services.
Health and Education

Health and Education are two issues that are indispensable hence are basic in livelihood, said the President.

According to president Silanyo education is a basic right for all Somalilanders and who ought to get it freely thence much effort have been focused in the field for a quality educational service resulting in the huge number of students sitting their final examinations at both primary and secondary brought about by reduced rates of dropout and increased new registrations due to the provision of free primary education by the government and the recruitment and training of a huge cadre of teachers.

Boys giggle in front of their schools recently rehabilitated water tank in rural Somaliland

Similarly equal efforts have also been made on the health sector and though the HIV/AIDS menace which has had a special focus and now in manageable status the entire citizenry has been availed medical facilities from trading centers, district and regional headquarters with properly skilled staff in attendance.

While pledging to do more efforts president Silanyo emphasizes that the efforts on both the education and health sectors are driven at development, spreading and fledging quality services countrywide.

Access to impartial justice system is the cornerstone of the administration of president Silanyo who is of the belief that the judiciary is the basis of nationhood thence the infusion of a skilled cadre of legal experts to man courts at all levels nationwide in addition to strengthening of the national judicial committee that acts as a watchdog over activities.
Other developments Somaliland has garnered in its judiciary system are courtesy of recommendations derived from the national stakeholder’s consultative conference whose main objective apart from providing recommendations was to review existing parameters.

From a meager $28m contributing from the EU president Silanyo who had during his election campaign pledged to avail each citizen safe and clean drinking water that is easily accessible has so far seen to it that almost 85%of trading centers an adjacent homesteads in the country have the precious commodity through construction of water reservoirs and drilling of boreholes among others.
Added to contributions by both the state and other friendly countries like UAE etc. the administration is currently engaged in the extension of piped water supply in all the major towns cum regional capitals.
A S Duhul Ahmed Suleiman Mohamed Duhul
Somaliland presidential Spokesperson
While this the above is condensed from the final one now in translation other sectors that have seen notably improvements within the four years president Silanyo has steered the country include


 Economy

 Civil Service

 Youth
 INFRASTURE ) Roads, Airports , Seaports and public amenities among others
 Media and
 Gender
The full four year Somaliland government development report shall be published as soon as translation from Somali to English is completed -Editor