Somaliland: Opposition Alliance and Ruling Party in Elections Delay Standoff


• Opposition Alliance calls for holding national consultation conference and Ruling Party’s reaction

By: Mahmoud Qodah
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Opposition alliance has called President Silanyo led administration for holding a national consultation conference before 26 June, which is the last day of the current government’s term.

This has been followed after Somaliland National Electoral Commission stated this week that national political parties and NEC have reached an agreement on well detailed schedule for the implementation of the biometric voter registration, and that such schedule can only be concluded within 9 months, starting from July of this year.
Though NEC didn’t declare when and how the elections will be held, but their detailed schedule for the implementation of the voter registration is clearly an indication that election wouldn’t be held on time.
Several times, opposition parties have repeatedly told that they will make a transitional care taker government which leads the country for free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections, and warned any extension for president’s term to be made by the elders if elections aren’t held on due time.
Opposition alliance likewise urged, ” All Somaliland people to unite for this conference, and to be aware of any things which can become obstacle to the smooth-running and the process of the national consultation conference, as we can no more rely on those who have already failed to fulfill their responsibilities and hold elections on due time.”
They also warned, “If president Silanyo repudiate and ignore our call, our alliance would hold our alliance’s own national consultation meeting on the elections delay on April 2015.”
They again warned members of House of Elders to take any step forward on proposing extension period for the president’s term, and they wouldn’t accept any extension made for Silanyo administration, which they said to be illegal and may lead chaos and instability to this country.
Opposition alliances which compose of UCID, WADANI, and Senior opposition politicians named as Consultation and Rectification Forum (MADASHA WADA-TASHIGA) finally called National Electoral Commission members to submit complete timeline on the forthcoming elections.

Kulmiye Party Supporters/file
KULMIYE Party’s Response:
In a well-organized rally by ruling party, both the, KULMIYE Ruling Party Chairman Mouse Bihi Abdi and the Vice President Abdirahman Abdilahi Seili’i insisted that everything on the forthcoming elections will be resolved within in the sphere of laws, rules and regulation of the country. They similarly noted that KULMIYE is ready to participate in any consultation meetings for sorting out misunderstandings on elections.
“Opposition parties are required to gain the minds and the hearts of the people by pledging better lives,” Said KULMIYE Chairman Mouse Bihi.
Mouse Bihi added that KULMIYE stands for unity, and that unity is better than disarray and disorder anything else similar. This is our party’s value and principle.
He urged that any misunderstandings are required to be solved through dialogue.
Vice President on his side that they will have any consultation conferences called by only national political parties, and not by independent or unconstitutional political forms.