Somaliland: Norwegian Parliament Approves Closer Pact with Somaliland


Norwagian Legislators want Oslo goverment to establish closer relations with Somaliland

By: Osman A.M
Oslo (Somaliland sun) A heated debate precipitated in the Norwegian parliament where parliamentarians argued the government to foster closer cooperation with Hargeisa administration that has ameliorated stability, democracy and pluralism politics in its governance.

Present in the debating chambers were Somaliland’s Good governance and Anti-corruption commission chairman Mr. Ahmed Muhumed Madar, Somaliland consular to Oslo and heads of Somaliland community in Norway.
Somalis relocated to Norway have topped foreigners residing in that country with then association registering 35,912 members.
Foreign affairs minister Borge Brende was put on spotlight with MP’s questioning the essence of stabilizing Somalia in no vain and no effort directed to Hargeisa.
A section of parliamentarians that visited Hargeisa previously tabled then report and finding on the stability and development attained in Somaliland coupled with respect to fundamental rights.
Mr. Madar latter while briefing the press stated ‘it is a victory for Somaliland as the world has differentiated it form Somalia in this 23 years of its existed despite no aid from the international community