Somaliland: Police Arrest Officials of Local Organization


By: Osman A.M
Hargeisa [Somaliland sun] Police officers arrested officials of Jidali organization during a function at crown hotel the officials who invited members of the public, religion leaders traditional headmen and the political elites were airing their grievance in support of then comrade and chairman who is languishing in police cuss today without being arraigned before a comet of law for a period contrary to his constitutional lights.
Just before the start of the function law enforcers drawn from regular police RRU and other contingent units dissented upon the veined and arrested three officials including the spokesman who were subsequently driver to unknown destination for quite sometimes after the arrest of the officials the hotel was a use go zone as officers were strategically positioned to deter the planned function from taking place
The detained officials are said to be in custody at Koodbur police station according to unconfirmed report Feisal Omar Madar [quruuj] Mohamed Abdikarim Omar and Abdi Badal were locked in custody for supporting the release of then chairman who they insisted that he is undergoing detention without trial.
Reports indicate that after the arrest of Jidali official’s police let the guests to proceed with the planned function where speakers arrested the state to release the chairman and the three officials that were arrested on Wednesday.