Somaliland: Defense Minister Classifier on Impending Recruitment


Defence Minister, inset, says Somaliland Armed forces remuneration to increase

By: Osman A.M
Hargeisa (Somaliland sun)
The minister for defense Ahmed Ali Adam has or Wednesday classified on the impending recruitment exercise in which the government is to train special military privet men to man facilities of petroleum corporation that are conducting survey in the country.

Adam confirmed that the state has a heavy finished us obligation and the ball is in the hands of multinational corporations who successful bided the tenders for exploring oil
The minister insisted that it war upon these companies to perform their obligation 50 that the recruitment exercise can kick off without hurdler he disclosed that interior minister Ali Waran adde and his foreign counterpart Mahamed Bihi Yonis represented the government in breaking the impart and it was now upon companies to play their part 20 that recruitment of oil police unit [OPU] can start
Adam was equally optimistic that the recruits who passed the selection process to aver fear as once the plans are finalized they would be in training