Somaliland: New Foreign Minister Calls for Solidarity


By: M.A.EggeDr Omar (L) and new FM Mr Bihi (R) at the handover

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) The new foreign affairs chief has been categorical on the fact that the state would leave no stone unturned in pursuit of its aspirations, and advised Somalilanders across all political divides to forge together and reflect one solid unit.

He at the same time clarified it vividly that it was in incumbent upon SL to underpin the core essence of its statehood, whenever and wherever applicable.

Hon. Mohammed Bihi Yonis made the sentiments upon embarking on his portfolio as the new foreign affairs Minister during the handover ceremony yesterday.

Hon. Bihi stated that in connection to the upcoming Brussels meeting, EU delegates are now privy to the fact that the situations on the ground for SL/Somalia cases were quite in contracts.

“Where we were 20 yrs ago is where they are today”, said Hon. Bihi.

“Our aspirations are parallel to each other, our priorities are in contrast and our agendas are quite different”.

He underscored the fact that they have already underpinned to the EU the need for two-track approach towards the Somaliland/ Somalia issue.

The Minister said that despite the fact that he has been away for over four decades and held high portfolios like running an outfit with a 2 billion dollars budget, he asked for blessings in order to sail through the currents of his new cumbersome task.

Dr M A Omar accoplished several diplomatic coupsOn the other hand, the outgoing foreign chief Hon. Mohammed A. Omar who is now the commerce Minister said that he spear headed a five-prong systemic approach during his three years tenure whose pillars were based on:

• Stepping up inter-national relations

• Attend all meetings in for a with SL interests

• Solicit and lobby for more international grants

• Forge to impact on international stage

• Become a regional players

Several cabinet members amongst then Information Minister Hon. Abdillahi M. Dahir, Finance Hon. Abdiaziz Samale, Health Hon. Haglatosiye, Defense, Hon. Abdirahman Adami, Planning Hon. Dr. Said Ali Shire, former foreign minister Lady Edna Adan and Ucid Chairman Mr. Feisal Ali-Warabe were amongst eminent personalities who attended the ceremony and gave words of advice and wisdom.

The foreign change of guard handing over took place at the civil service commission Hall.