Somaliland: The Silanyo Administration Celebrates Three Years of Impact Full Performance


By: Yusuf M HasanPresident Silanyo three years in office

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Kulmiye administration of president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo has celebrated 3 years in office with a briefing on development activities attained within the duration.

At a press briefing conducted by presidential Spokesperson Ahmed Suleiman Duhul the country was termed to be at a better status in all sectors as a result of the fulfillment of pledges made by President Silanyo during the 201o presidential elections.

While informing that a detailed hardcopy with exact figures and pertinent information shall be distributed to the media in good time presidential spokesperson said that the developments acquired within the three years of president Silanyo’s administration are pursuant to strategizes established by the Ministry of planning and coordination.

The areas reported to have achieved meaningful impact include Foreign policy, Government ,Security, Education, government, Finance , Health, Roads, Armed forces, National Cohesion and Natural Resources , Youth Development etc.

Foreign Policy

The New foreign policy strategies embarked upon by the administration are starting to have an impact globally thus putting Somaliland in the world map politically and diplomatically through establishing a new approach to foreign engagement

This new international image acquired by somaliland is courtesy of the new foreign policy put in place by the administration puts Special emphasis on attending any meeting anywhere in the world]d where somaliland is deemed to benefit

So far the administration has attended various international conferences where the country was Accorded independent status, with its flag raised high among those of other governments.

It has also engaged several world leaders in Africa, America and Europe as well as strengthened cooperation with international organizations like the EU which has a representative, IGAD where observers status are imminent, World bank which is the main funder to the somaliland business s fund as well as having other international bodies representation their government’s like DANIDA and DFID hosted in the country.

Similarly the administration together with assorted national stakeholders has Engaged Somalia in internationally sanctioned talks that have ensued with several agreements geared towards resolving the long standing conflict between the two neighbouring and formerly united countries.


The administration led by president Silanyo has managed within the short period of three ears to – Broaden government presence within all regions and districts of the country where relevant ministries are represented by coordinators.

The civil service inherited with 6670 officers who were poorly paid has seen a doubling in its numbers to 12243 all of them receiving a salary which has seen a 100% increment in 2012 and a 40% increment in 2013,

While new recruitment has been given priority to local university graduates other civil servants in all ministries and parastatals continue to receive in-house training thus uplift their performance.

The government has managed to have Radio Hargeisa broadcasts received worldwide through the acquisition of a new transmitter as well as opened an Islamic FM radio station in addition to broadening the Somaliland National TV-SLNTV transmission worldwide as well.


Presidential spokesperson Ahmed S DuhulPublic finance management has been streamlined through implementation of relevant policies that entail accountability at all levels.

The government in pursuit of the public funds accountability and good management has so far managed to increase to increase the annual budget which has facilitated the salary increment for civil servants and armed forces as well provision of free education.

The administration has also successfully changed the use of the old Somalia Gimbar shillings in Togdeer region while absorbing attendant changing of funds.


The provision of Free for primary school education has increased new registrations and reduced dropouts.

While numerous teachers have been recruited the existing ones were and continue to receive in-house training thus the uplifting of educational standart0ds at the primary and secondary schools levels while the Establishment of the higher education commission has seen the streamlining of universities in the country.

Over 145 new primary and secondary schools have been built with another 100 repaired, equipped and staffed.



its pursuit of reducing food imports the administration embarked on a rice planting project in various districts of the country and currently substantial quantities of rice is being grown successfully in a number of areas that were found to be conducive to its growing. The government anticipates eliminating the importation of rice within the next 4 years.

Farming activities have also been enhanced through the availing of cheap tractors to farmers in various parts of the country who then utilizing them not only in their farms but on neighbouring ones as well thus an increase in locally quality foods. The tractors availability project is an annual activity.


Due to Somaliland being based in a volatile region the Silanyo administration has embarked on vigorous policy of ensuring security within all its borders.

Though expensive the administration has so far managed to enhance national security apparatus through intensified training, recruitment and equipping it has also established the Rapid Reaction Unit -RRU which is a specially UK government trained counter terrorism force.

Internally it has managed to resolve long standing conflicts between various communities in the country like in Elbardale, East regions of Sanaag and Sool through peaceful reconciliation.

Of special note is the ongoing implementation of the pact with SSC whose commander is the current minister of health as well absorption of hundreds of former SSC militias into various arms of the security forces.

During its celebrations of its 19th anniversary the somaliland Military which continues to receive relevant specialized training and modern equipment saw the establishment of a formal chain of command through the awarding of ranking which have been absent since establishment. This process of ranking is still ongoing.

Natural Resource

Through the Ministry of mineral and water the government has increased the availability of water to residents of Hargeisa, Wajale, Erigavo and Burao through the injection of $28 million injected for which is the biggest locally funded project ever.

At the same time 42 water boreholes have put in place to supplement the existing and inherited 94 while numerous Dams have been constructed in various parts of the country thus assuaging water shortages.

The country also anticipates the availability of new income and employment opportunity through investment by several international companies awarded oil exploration contracts. Currently a number of them have activities ongoing with reports verifying the abundant availability of this precious commodity.

Youth Development

The President Silanyo policy of promoting youth development has seen several Appointments of many youths to senior government positions.

This policy has also seen a comprehensive sports development policy that has seen the annual regional sports championship elevated to national championship status held through rotation in various regional capitals where new stadiums have been or are being built or repaired.

Roads Network

Over 341 roads repaired or newly constructed thus easing transportation between rural and urban centers resulting in increased livelihood enhancement.


Health six hospitals built 13 MCH in all regions thus health brought nearer to citizens