Somaliland: Guurti Launches World Bank Funded Business Fund


By: M.A.EggeDeputy Guurti speaker Saeed  Jama

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) The Upper House of the National Assemblies Parliament, the Guurti, yesterday honoured the efforts done by the World Bank, DFID and Danida in addressing social-economical and developmental needs in the country, and specifically the SBF.

The state acknowledged the job creation opportunities established through the competitive grant systems of the first round of Somaliland Business Foundation.

Members of the grant advisory panel and the Lyndell Mills management team of the fund were present during luncheon to their honour.

While expressing the appreciation of Somalilanders in the establishment of sustainable initiatives of viable projects, the Guurti Deputy Speaker Hon. Said Jama Ali awarded certificates on those effects to the institutions of the World Bank, DFID and DANIDA.

He expressed his sentiments in a formal speech (read below) to a dozen strong top officials from the said institutions during a sumptuous dinner they were treated to at Hotel Maansoor, yesterday evening.

The World Bank and group delegate leader Mr. Michael O. Engman who received the awards of the sign of appreciation and acknowledgment announced the deadline of the 2nd Round for SBF completion for grants to be August the 17th, 2013.SBF RII  launch

He revealed that 1350 application were received in the first round and 18 grants were awarded totally 4.6 million dollars.

He said that the ventures were expected to create up to 1500 jobs.

Mr. Engman is a senior World Bank economist attached to the Global Centre on Conflict Security and Development.

Other notable personalities in the delegation included African Regional consultant on fragile State Economy, Financial and Private Sector Development Jade Ndiaye and LS desk director Mr. Nagiib Hassan Hashi.

The later gave detailed outlines on the workings of the projects.

The master of ceremonies was Guurti Permanent Committee Member Hon. Abdikadir Mohammed Hassan (Indo-indo).