Somaliland: NED Donates $172840 for Local Projects


 Somalilandsun-The national endowment for Democracy (NED) is funding a number of diverse projects in Somaliland in partnership with local organizations to the tune of $172840-Editor

Agriculture Development Organization (ADO)


To enhance the participation of farmer communities in political leadership, decision making, and good governance. ADO will establish fifteen new farmer associations and hold training workshops to provide the participants with the operational skills necessary to establish and manage the executive bodies of the farmers’ associations. ADO will expand its program to the sub-national level by linking the fifteen original farmers’ associations into two regional bodies dedicated to advocacy and networking.

Consortium of Somaliland Non-Governmental Organizations (COSONGO)


To increase the capacity of local NGOs and promote good governance on the grassroots level. COSONGO will conduct a training workshop for 30 people from diverse sectors of civil society that will focus on accountability, representation, voter education and election monitoring, and equal rights. COSONGO will also conduct two workshops on good governance for the locally elected councils of the towns of Borama and Burao.

Institute for Practical Research and Training (IPRT)


To increase the capacity of the Somaliland parliament to operate effectively and transparently. IPRT will continue to publish Xog Warran, the official House of Representatives bulletin; increase the capacity of the library resource center in the House of Representatives; and facilitate focused discussions between the legislature and the media on transparent governance.

Somaliland Voice of Youth (SOLVOY)


To educate and mobilize youth leaders. SOLVOY will conduct workshops on the principles of democratic governance for youth leaders, and host a three-day conference in Hargeisa for the youth leaders as well as leaders of women’s organizations. The conference will encourage leaders to identify shared social and political priorities and opportunities for cooperation between women’s and youth groups in the areas of project planning and advocacy.

Somaliland Youth Development Organization (SOYDA)


To perform human rights monitoring and advocacy inside Somaliliand’s prisons. SOYDA will provide educational, recreational, and sanitation services to 250 inmates and 100 guards of the Hargeisa Central Prison. SOYDA will advocate for prisoners’ rights, particularly the rights of juvenile prisoners, and will use its growing influence with the prison commissioner to facilitate the entry of increased numbers of local and international human rights monitors into the prison.

Voice of Somaliland Minority Women Organization (VOSOMWO)


To document treatment of and advocate for ethnic minorities in Somaliland. VOSOMWO will deploy human rights monitors to document human rights violations against the Tumal, Yibir, and Gaboye communities in eight districts of the Hargeisa region. VOSOMWO will present the observed abuses in a one-day regional workshop to an assembly of 40 high-ranking members of Somaliland’s local government councils, regional authorities, and civil socie