Somaliland: Guurti Accuses Puntland of interfering with National Security


guurti By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Puntland has been accused of interfering with Security in the eastern regions of the country.

Guurti, The Upper house of parliament made the accusation during debate on national security with the elders commending the countries western regions for sustaining peaceful co-existence.

National Security which is one of the agendas of the 48th sitting  of Guurti, with elders fielding diverse opinions in their first session of the new  sitting that was chaired by leader of the house Hon Suleiman Mahmoud Aden.

The elders who concurred on the need to support the ongoing implementation of the Buhodle peace accord said that successfully reconciliation in the eastern regions is difficult unless constant interferences from puntland prevail.

The Buhodle peace accord which is a brain child of president Silanyo and Suleiman Hagaltosie the commander of the Sool, Sanaag & Cayn (Ain)-SSC Militia.

According to an agenda distributed by Hon Suleiman Mahmoud Aden, sessions of the 48th sitting of the Guurti Elders will debate on a number of diverse issues and receiving briefing from various officials i.e.

1.       Brief recap of the 47th sitting

2.       Briefing by the house standing committee

3.       National situational assessment as pertains to

                                  I.            Politics

                                II.            Security

                              III.            Economy

                             IV.            Culture

                               V.            Social services


4.       Ministerial briefings by:

                                  i.            Ministry  of Justice

                                 ii.            Ministry of planning 

                               iii.            Ministry of Foreign Affairs

                               iv.            Ministry of Rural Development, Resettlement & environment

5.       A.O.B

Apart from discussions on national security especially as pertains to Eastern regions and more specifically Buhodle peace accord the House of elders leadership  together  with their compatriots from the lower house of parliament held a closed door with leaders of the UDUB political party.

UDUB party recently withdrew from contesting local council elections due to what the main opposition political party termed as differences with the political parties’ registration and verification committee-PPR&VC