Somaliland: NEC Requests for Establishment of a Voters Register


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The national election Commission-NEC wants a voter register in place before planned 2014 parliamentary elections.

In a letter submitted to the head of state requesting presidential intervention and action as pertains to establishment of a voters register, NEC informed that the absence of the register shall constraint forthcoming elections.

The NEC letter that was submitted to president Silanyo a day before his departure for an official visit to Turkey and copied to the three national political parties of UCID, Wadani and Kulmiye as well as the Guurti and House of representatives the two chambers of parliament read:

Quote- “As you are all aware, legal arrangements put in place require that the next elections in the country must utilize a voter’s register.

In this context the National Election Commission wishes to inform all stakeholders namely the government, Political parties and Election donors that it is imperative for the registration of voters to be implemented as soon as possible.

To theses effect NEC wishes to inform that it requires the expedited availability of necessary funds in order to facilitate the procurement of relevant equipment, logistics and recruitment of an expert thus establish an apposite register of voters as required by law, prior to the 2014 parliamentary elections- Unquote

The voters register utilized during the 2010 presidential elections was scrapped after some amendments to the election law were approved by both chambers of parliament in 2011 and early 2012.

The absence of a voters register is attributed to the never ending disputes of the 28th Nov 2012 local council elections that have continued to embroil the country in one form or another four months after elections.