Somaliland: NEC and Parties Sign Election Code of Conduct


As presidential candidates and running mates officially recognized with award of certificates

NEC legal advisor Hasan Farah Mohamed oversees signature of Somaliland election code of conduct by from left commissioner Abdiqadir Imaan and Abdirahman Irro Muse Behi and Feisal Ali f Wadani Kulmiye and UCID parties respectively

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- The National Elections Commission-NEC has officially announced candidates and their running mates vying for the Somaliland presidency during November elections.
This development follows a meeting between NEC and the three national political parties of Kulmiye, UCID and Wadani held in Hargeisa where the election code of conduct was also signed.
Addressing the meeting the chairperson of NEC commissioner Abdiqadir Imaan Warsame said that the election code of conduct which is pursuant to Article 82 of the Somaliland constitution dictates the manner in which political parties, their officials and supporters behave during the month long presidential election campaign.
“In order to ensure free and fair electioneering this code makes it illegal to campaign on clan basis, use of abusive language, character assassination, creating insecurity as well as utilization of public property and servants” said Eng Abdiqadir Imaan
Stressing on the fact that election codes of conduct are not new to Somaliland, the commissioner revealed that what makes the current one different is agreed upon penalties for any transgressions
Said he “Any party, its leadership or supporters contravening this code of code shall be fined 2m sl shs equivalent to $200,000” adding that this is per each contravention
Similarly any party undertaking campaign on a day not designated shall be denied its right for an equivalent period and denied access to the media while continued transgression might result in legal proceedings.
Last week NEC and members of the Somaliland journalists association-SOLJA as well as Women in Journalism Association- WIJA also signed a media code f conduct that governs the election period.
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Upon concurrence on the pre discussed election code of conduct NEC and parties leaders who are also presidential candidates affixed their signature.
Eng Feisal Ali signs the Somaliland election code of conduct on behalf of UCID party as his running mate Ahmed Abyaan is acknowledged by NEC Signing on behalf of the National Election commission was its chairperson Eng Abdiqadir Imaan Warsame with Muse Behi Abdi signing for ruling Kulmiye party.
Signatories For the two Opposition parties were Eng Feisal Ali Warabe for UCID with Abdirahman Irro for his Wadani party.
In concluding commissioner Abdiqadir Imaan urged the political parties chiefs to ensure that not only them but their officials and supporters adhere to the code of conduct thence a peaceful and free Somaliland presidential election come 13th November 2017.
Thanking NEC for its activities towards ensuring that the presidential elections are not only held timely but transparent , the leader of UCID cum candidate Eng Feisal Ali Warabe said that being most experienced having participated in two prior polls he and his party shall fulfill all the agreed.
Similarly the Kulmiye leader cum candidate Muse Behi also stated his party’s complete concurrence with the code of conduct which his party shall adhere fully with during the election campaign.
The ruling party chief further stressed on the importance all political parties not only ensuring good conduct by their supporters during the election timeframe but among all citizens of Somaliland as well.
Also concurring with his colleagues on the aptness of the elections code of conduct was Wadani leader cum presidential candidate Abdirahman Irro who also pledged his party’s complete adherence.
Irro also pledged his party’s acceptance of election results released by NEC in lieu of any discernible misconduct.
Next on the agenda was certification of candidates and running mates vying for the Somaliland presidency come November.
Muse Behi signs the Somaliland election code of conduct on behalf of Kulmiye party as his running mate Abdirahman Sayli is acknowledged by NEC At the same function NEC announced the official candidates vying for the Somaliland presidency and their running mates.
According to NEC legal advisor Hasan Farah Mohamed six citizens have fulfilled conditions to vie for president and Vice President as per stipulations of Article 82 of the Somaliland constitution
To this effect NEC recognizes the below named persons as official candidates for president and Vice President during the elections slated for November 2017.
1. Kulmiye Party
I. Presidential candidate Muse Behi Abdi
II. Candidate for VP Abdirahman Abdilahi Sayli
2. UCID Party
I. Presidential Candidate Eng Feisal Ali Warabe
II. Candidate for VP Ahmed Abdi Muse Abyaan’
3. Wadani Party
I. Presidential candidate Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi ‘Irro’
II. Candidate for VP Mohamed Ali

Abdirahman Irro signs the Somaliland election code of conduct on behalf of Wadani party as his running mate Prof Mohamed Ali is acknowledged by NEC According to lawyer Hassan NEC shall subsequently print their names on the official ballot papers.
As acknowledgement of their candidature NEC awarded the six official certificates.