Somaliland: President Restricts use of Government properties in elections


He bans civil servants and security personnel from indulging in politics
President Silanyo says use of Somaliland public property and servants in elections is illegal

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun- The Head of State H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo has directed civil servants not to indulge into politics during the electioneering processes now that the election campaigns are about to start.
The President has at the same time ordered that public properties should not be used or misused for that matter (apart from those specified).
In a three-in-one decree/order that the Presidential spokesman Hussein Adan Egeh circulated yesterday, the President directed the council of the cabinet ministers, regional governors, district heads, the CEOs of parastatals, Minister of Information, National Guidance and Culture, Service commanders and with copies to the national Election Committee to adhere to the three decrees viz:-
1. Ban on the use of government properties for election campaign purpose.
2. The (impartial) use of public media and utilities (e.g.. grounds) during election campaigns, and
3. The aiding (supplementary support) of/to National Election Commission in their tasks.
The President firstly reminded the addressees that since the presidential election was around the corner and scheduled to be held on the 13th of November this year, and as to such, no public property should be used by any party for the purpose of campaigning.
Secondly the information department is directed as per Article 26 of Law No. 20-2/2005 to be impartial in airing or printing items about the campaigning process during the electioneering hence equal time and space be availed by the public media -SLNTV, Radio Hargeisa and the government newspapers.
At the same time the same order on the specified state properties directs the state administration to avail public amenities such as grounds, stadia etc to be equally used as needed by subsequent political parties.
Thirdly the President directs the aiding and supplementary support to be given by state apparatus to the National Electoral Commission for the smooth services of the electioneering processes (e.g. polling, security, stations) to take place un-hindered.
The three main directives are contained in one decree Ref.JSL/P/WM/-50/092017 dated 30th September 2017.
The above orders are in line with the constitutions and regulations that guide the elections, political parties and associated interworking stakeholder relations