Somaliland: Oxfam Surpasses $1.5m Matching Gift Goal


As Abby Maxman the President of Oxfam America thanks contributors for making tackling the immense challenges communities are facing today possible

In Somaliland 42612 people now have access to clean water as well as cash assistance through Oxfam program

Somalilandsun-In Somaliland, 42,612 people now have access to clean water, as well as cash assistance so families can afford the basic essentials – and that’s thanks to your support.

This is according to a thank you letter by Abby Maxman the President of Oxfam America, below verbatim

” You were an important part of making that happen, and I want to make sure you knew about some of the incredible work you’re making possible.

As you know, parts of the world are facing a severe hunger crisis. 14.3 million people in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya are facing severe food shortages due to a prolonged drought. Conflict and insecurity are also putting Nigeria, Yemen, and Somalia at risk of famine.

Immediately, your support is allowing us to ramp up our humanitarian response. This means more equipment, more workers and more resources to help more people, faster.

In Ethiopia, you’re helping us truck clean safe water to more than 653,000 people. We have also provided treatment for 212,000 livestock – which people depend on for their survival.

In Kenya, you’re helping us repair and rehabilitate boreholes, which are now providing clean safe water to 326,163 people. During the next six months, we plan to reach 600,000 people with cash assistance for buying food and other necessities. We’ll also provide families with jerry cans and buckets so they can store clean water safely.

In Somaliland, 42,612 people now have access to clean water, as well as cash assistance so families can afford the basic essentials – and that’s thanks to your support.

In Nigeria, 40,300 people have been able to access food, water, and sanitation services thanks to our efforts. Your support is helping provide displaced people with camps and communities to allow them to rebuild their lives and create sustainable futures for their children. 

In Yemen – where 17 million people don’t know where they’ll get their next meal – you’re helping provide water and sanitation services, cash assistance so people can afford to get by, and getting people access to food. Our work on clean water and sanitation services have already benefitted 920,000 people in Yemen, including 380,000 children.

In South Sudan, you’re helping reach even more people with clean water and sanitation services to prevent the spread of diseases like cholera and diarrhea – which can be fatal when communities are already facing extreme hunger. With your support, we have been able to provide emergency food to 415,000 people and clean water and sanitation to 140,000.

In the longer term, you should know that your support for people living in poverty doesn’t stop here.

Syria’s refugees are finding shelter and safety. Hundreds of thousands of women around the world are accessing credit so they can afford to launch new businesses. Communities are demanding transparency and accountability from their governments. Farmers are training on new growing methods – so they can grow more rice, using fewer resources.

You’re doing all this, and so much more. Thank you so much for stepping up – and having your support matched.


Abby Maxman
Oxfam America