Somaliland: NCRF Lambasts Guurti Elders


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By: Geeska
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) -Chairman of political think tank group National Consultation and Rectification Forum (NCRF) Mr. Hassan Gurre Jama has issued a strong worded condemnation statement.
He accused most of members of the senate of whom only 12 are alive today from the original 82 that were elected when Somaliland regained back her independence from Somalia in 1991 accusing of turning the country into a fiefdom whereby senate seats are inherited when a member dies or is unable to discharge his/her duties, reports the hornnewspaper.

He speaking during an event on Thursday this week organized by the two opposition parties UCID and Wadani in conjunction with NCRF in Hargeisa. The NCRF chairman stated that the House of Elder could not be trusted to make an extension for governmental term of office calling for president Silanyo to attend a national consultation forum organized by them.
 NCRF Chief Hassan Gurre Jama“Country leadership is not what the other day the president said that some elders from NCRF were claiming that they would not accept a postponement of the general election adding that the country could turn chaotic should the election not be held.” Mr. Hassan Gurre said.
On the House of Elders (Guurti) he said “The Senate we know since its inception 82 members were selected now only 12 of the original members are alive 70 members including current chairman Hon. Suleiman Mohammud Adan have inheritated their seats.”
He went on to reveal some of these Guurti members are in mental hospitals while others cannot be trusted to fend for their families with their salaries forcing family courts to order their paymaster to deposit their salaries in wives account then how can they be afforded trust of a nation. Mr.Hassan Gurre added that the two Houses of Representatives have failed the state and need to be voted out of office through the ballot box.