Somaliland: State Confirms Influx of Yemeni Refugees


Somaliland Internal Security Minister Mohamed Ali Waranade

By Geeska
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) -Somaliland’s government has confirmed arrival of refugees from Yemen in the Red Sea port of Berbera. The migrants were fleeing from the Saudi led assault on the Houti rebels who have overthrown the legitimate government in Sanaa forcing president Hadi into exile in Saudi Arabia. Somaliland is hosting the refugees and they are going to be settled on a piece of land issued by the government this was revealed by Internal Security Minister Mr. Ali Mohammed Waran’ade while speaking to Horn Cable Television

“We as a government it is our policy to support the legitimate government of Yemen at this trying juncture of her history despite the negative consequences that can arise from economic burden, national security and plight of the refugees.” Internal Security Minister stated.
Minister Waran’ade added that the government has made preparations for horeports the hornnewspaper
.sting of Yemen’s exodus of refugees and earmarked a place in Berbera town for receiving them and after sorting them some will be sent to Somaliland capital Hargeisa for resettlement.
He went on to say that if the Arab League agree to set a military camp in Berbera, Somaliland’s government is ready to host them.” Somaliland is a member of the Arab League and will not hesitate at any opportunity to host our Arab brother” Mr. Waran’ade said