Somaliland: EU Pledges Voter Registration Funds


Visitng EU and UK diplomats arrive at the Somaliland presidency in Hargeisa for meetinng

By: Geeska

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) The European Union (EU) has promised to play a major role to make sure Somaliland’s voters registration exercise could be effective and efficient hence reliable. EU head of policy Mr. Tom Vens made the promise.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland in a terse message on its face book account confirmed the meeting of foreign minister Mr. Mohammed Bihi Yonis and the EU envoy last week in Hargeisa following a visit by EU representatives to Somaliland, .

“Tom Vens assured that the EU will assist to enhance the efficiency of voting registration. The Republic of Somaliland is and will be a democratic state which will practice Fair elections.” The foreign minister said.
The registration of voters is the main obstacle for the presidential and parliamentary election and is very important for a free and fair election to initiated and a registration that could be effective to counter fraudulent activities on the election date and as a result EU intervention has removed any obstacle that could cause postponement of elections.