Somaliland – Nation Mourns The Demise Of MP Talyanle


Somaliland MP Talyanle passed away in India

By: Daphne Kemunto

SomalilandSun – The people of Somaliland are suddened by the abrupt death of Mohammed Ahmed Mahamud.

Popularly known as Talyanle the deceased who was a member of Somaliland parliament passed away  on the 26 of September 2017 in India,where he had gone in such of specialized medical treatment.

The demise of MP Talyane comes a short while after the Sagar of his Quest for the speakership of the Somaliland parliament in which he was defeated by incumbened MP Baashe an election that was occasioned by the recognition of long serving Abdraham Irro.

In a message of condolences to the family,friends and relatives of the late MP Talyane,the Somaliland head of state who urged a dignified mourning termed the deceiced legislator as alone who would  always be  remebered for his tireless efforts towards establishing and sustaining peaceful co-existence in the country.

In a similar message,the opposition Wadhan party presidential candidate,Abdrahaman Irro,said that the late Talyanele will not only be   remembered for being a Stalwart citizen persuing peaceful co-existence in the country but also for his impactful work at the Somaliland legislature in which he served for decades.

The late MP Talyanle represented Sool region in the house of representatives which is the lower chamber of the Somaliland parliament.