Somaliland : President Trump Warns Uhuru Kenyatta


Trump Warns Uhuru

SomalilandSun -President Donald Trump has sent a stern warning to outgoing Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, asking him to surrender power if he loses the upcoming poll repeat or he will personally oust him.

Speaking to FOX NEWS after meeting US diplomats in Washington over North Korea’s persistent nuclear notoriety, Trump raised concerns signposting to President Kenyatta’s public bodily panic after the Kenya’s highest Court nullified his re-election following an avalanche of irregularities and illegalities.

The Embattled US President warned other African countries who have elected to take a dictatorial path and stick to power as live Presidents. He said when the right time comes, he will make Kenya an example to other African leaders should President Kenyatta who enjoys “temporary incumbency” lose and decline to hand over power.

Trump said it is time someone put an end to the leadership madness (caesarism) in Africa and pave way for democratically elected leaders.

After watching what is going on in Kenya, it has dawned on me that someone somewhere must be stopped. The government of Kenya thinks America is not watching them. With all indications as a result of distressfulness exuding in their President’s body language, he might not have won in the recently concluded polls. I want to make it clear to President Kenyatta that should he lose the upcoming elections and refuse to hand over to the winner, I will personally put a square peg in its rightful square hole. I will personally ensure the people of Kenya get the justice they deserve. We all know where Zimbabwe is and the dictator that is responsible for the mess. If President Uhuru loses to Mr. Odinga, I expect him to concede and hand over power in peace failure in which, we shall act decisively. Africans and Kenyans in particular must know that I am not their brother Obama. I will not tolerate injustice metted on the populace. I will put dictators in their rightful place” Said President Trump.