Somaliland: Mt Kenya Varsity to Set Up Campus in Hargeisa


Mount Kenya University 

Somalilandsun – Mount Kenya University has been awarded an interim letter by the Somaliland government to set up a campus in the country, making it the first institution from Kenya to have its operations there.

Somaliland is a democratic and stable country that broke away from Somalia in 1991 and it is located in the horn of Africa. Somalia, on the other hand, has been rocked by civil war and piracy.

Mount Kenya University chairman Simon Gicharu said the institution wanted to make a footprint in the East Africa region as part of its expansion strategy.

He however said the first step would be the introduction of English literacy programmes that will eventually open more avenues for other programmes that will redefine the country’s learning model.

”The move will help Somalia citizens access modern education and put them on an equal footing with global competitors in the education sector,” said Mr Gicharu.

Mt Kenya University (MKU) is a private university in Thika Kenya.

After fulfilling all the requirements as stipulated in the guidelines of establishing a privately funded university (1989 rules), the Commission for Higher Education issued MKU with the authority to establish a full fledged privately funded university with Thika Institute of Technology as its precursor/forerunner

Since then the MKU hs grown from strenthg to strength thus expansion not only in various parts of Kenya but the wider East African region where it maintains high quality education campuses that provide diverse Doctorate, Post-graduate,  Undergraduate, Diploma and certificate as well as School Based Programmes.