Somaliland: Ministry of Labor and Social Services Completes Census for Expatriate Workers in Somaliland


Somalilandsun: The minister of labor and social affairs Mrs.Hinda Jama Hirsi has revealed
that her ministry has completed the head count of all expatriate workers in
Somaliland. This is according to news distributed by Somaliland News Agency

She was speaking during the Labor Day celebration held at the Hargeisa’s
Civil Service Institute. The minister confirmed that she was fulfilling
president Musa Bihi promises made during the election period. The president
promised to create jobs for Somaliland youths and count all expatriate
workers in the country.

The minister stated that the government new policy is to create 16,000 jobs
annually. The labor minister confirmed that her ministry is working to
register all civilian workers be they citizens or foreigners. Mrs.Hinda
added that the new administration of President Musa Bihi has a new agenda
for Somaliland workers which is to make sure that they are well looked