Somaliland: Ministry of Energy and Minerals Awards Top Performing Personnel

Somaliland Minister of Energy and Minerals Jama Mohamoud Egal Awards Top Performing Personnel

Somalilandsun – Minister of Energy and Minerals Jama Mohamoud Egal has awarded appreciation certificates and cash prizes to the ministry’s staff that were recognized for their outstanding performance over the past year.
An event held at the Ministry of Energy, attended by all departmental staff, ministry officials and officials from Civil Service Commission and the media,   Director General of the Ministry of Energy Eng Abdirahman Abdeq Muhumed,  who spoke praised all ministry staff for their performances.
“We are very happy today to award our entire staff, needless to say a single part, but to all, and come together this year also, for rewards and joy to all that we achieved. Not rewarded individuals won only today, but we have all won, and usually, when marathon is run, those fastest ones deserve rewards”. said Director General Abdeq.
Director General of the Civil Service Commission Mr Hamse Suldaan, who spoke at the event said, “Today is a day to reward the staffers, who have done well, and in the near future the Civil Service commission will hold a mega event among
all Governmental Agencies and Ministries rewarding best staffs, as Ministry of Energy staff are being chosen due to their outstanding abilities. CSC implements Somaliland President Mr. Musa Bihi’s policies, amongst others practicing justice and eliminating nepotisms wherever seen.  When staff complaints reach us, we act fairly”.

Somaliland Ministry of Energy and Minerals Awards Top Performing Personnel

Minister of Energy & Minerals Jama Mohamoud Egal who spoke at the event praised the entire staff of the ministry and said, “It really is a happy day, acknowledging our last year’s achievements. I will not talk on awards only but aver our Ministry’s duties to the nation are steadily going well and executed well with staffers of good acumen. So far, no department behind in its duties, which means no one has failed to meet the required expectation apart from a case or two “he said.
“Special Recognition to the women, I know, young men wouldn’t have completed their tasks, hadn’t women been on their side. The women staffers deserve special gift, encouragement and  reward. We are a team working together, the future of the country is dependent on this ministry and every employee has a role in the future of the country.
We pray to Allah to reach next year with developmental progress and tangible gains on mining industries or explorations of natural
resources in the country for the benefit of whole nation. ”
Lastly Minister for Energy Mr. Jama presented awards and cash prizes to 12 deserving staff members.

By: Mohamoud Ali Walaaleye
Tell. 00-252-63-4001235
Freelance Reporter
Hargeisa- Somaliland