Somaliland: Mercury Public Affairs Takes Government PR Portfolio from Glover Park Group


Somalilandsun – The Government of the Republic is to have new strategies in its engagement with the USA government following the signing of a communications contract with Mercury Public Affair LLC.

The Somaliland minister for foreign affairs, Mohamed BehiYonis, has just signed a contract with New York public relations company Mercury Public Affair LLC for it to lobby with the American government to recognize the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somaliland.

The Ministry of Presidential Affairs of the Republic of Somaliland signed a lobbying and communications contract with Glover Park Group but Mercury Public Affairs is expected to replace the Glover Company. The new company will start its work in 2014 according to Somaliland Foreign Ministry Director General Hon. Mohamed Hassan Said.

Mercury will work on government relations and public relations services on behalf of Somaliland.

The DG said that Mercury worked with former US president the likes of Bill Clinton and the current US president Obama.

He added that the company will work with Somaliland on the cause and lobby of the recognition.

The contract is due to last for one year and is expected to begin in 2014.

Once asked about the price tag of the contract said that it is a bit cheaper than the previous contract that the government signed with Glover Park Group which was estimated to be around 22, 500 dollars per month.

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