Opposition Is In the Dark about the Somalia/Somaliland Talks In Turkey


By: G.A. Maher

Hargeisa: (Somalilandsun) – The opposition National Party (Wadani) foreign affairs committee chairman Dr. Mohammed Osman Fadal has criticized the government on how it is handling talks with federal republic of Somalia.

He accused the minister of foreign affairs and international relations Mr. Mohammed Bihi Yonis whose docket matters concerning the meeting falls under for keeping members of the public in the dark and managing the talks and national matters in a clandestine manner. Dr. Mohammed said that the opposition have not been consulted on the agendas of the meeting and up to now their plan for the conference is only known by the government delegation to the talks. He said the opposition and the public have the right to be informed on a critical matter concerning their nation and future. “Today the country is experiencing repression and oppression by the same government they elected”, Dr. Mohamed said. He accused the foreign minister for hijacking the talks by keeping the agendas to be discussed to himself, instead of consulting with the two opposition parties (Wadani) and UCID and the two House of Representatives.

In addition Dr. Mohammed said that the civil society and traditional elders should be included in national matters.