Somaliland: Poet Hadraawi on Burao Demo


Poet Hadraawi

By: G.A. Maher

Burao: (Somalilandsun) – Prominent Somali poet Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim Warsame (Hadraawi) has spoken out about the conflict that has divided members of the public in Togdheer region.

He said that the problem that has divided the Burao resident cannot be tolerated. The poet was speaking during an educational tour at Admas University in Burao town and said that the solution to this conflict can only be reached by applying Somali cultural resolution that have been in existence since the time of memorial that states the community is related to one another by blood. “You will not always live amongst your clans so you should find a way to lead you”, Mr. Hadraawi stated. Mr. Hadraawi went on to say that if a man leaves his village and goes to another district the people usually asked one question that is to which clan do you belong and when he answers they usually said that he belongs to the clan of so and so and then they say he is related to so and so family at that point he is given food and helped in his journey. The poet said there is no problem with that it was a way of life. Mr. Hadraawi added that Burao residents are people of integrity and should solve their problems in a civilized manner.

He added that girls should be exchanged that means the problem will be solved in a cultural way.