Somaliland: Local Mother Teresa back in business


By: Guleid Abdi Maher

BORAME (Somalilandsun) – Luul Ali Mataan, the philanthropist mother of street children in Somaliland has laid foundation stone to a new street children home under construction in Borama town.

Mama Luul was recently in the news after the government confiscated Mustaqbal children home, situated at Mohamed Moge, a Hargeisa suburban estate and arrested her, whereby she was in police custody for a week and was released later without being charged in a court of law.

The matron of street children established the Mustaqbal children home for street children and solicited for funds from international and local organization for their up keep.

She was deeply moved by the reunion with her former charges at Mustaqbal while at Borama town where she is establishing a new home for the street urchins who had ran away from the home after the government ransacked the place and stationed armed police men from the dreaded R.R.U unit.

The ministry of labour under which children affairs fall have on many occasions tried to take over the centre from Mama Luul who was the brain child behind the establishment of Mustaqbal Children’s Home for street children in Somaliland.

It is believed that the high achiever had on many times disagreed with some powerful people in the government for reasons yet unclear.

Speaking to members of the press in Borama town she asked Somaliland citizens in the Diaspora, business men and international and local organizations to help her in her quest to provide for the education, shelter and food for the street children who have support from no one.