Somaliland: Graduates On Cafeteria


By: Abdihakim Ahmed Ali

Somalilandsun – Joblessness (or unemployment) arises when people are without work and actively looking for job. The unemployment rate is a measure of the prevalence of unemployment and it is calculated as a percentage by dividing the number of unemployed individuals by all individuals currently in the labour force.

During periods of recession, an economy usually experiences a relatively high unemployment rate. According to International Labour Organization

So I was one of the graduate students from abroad and I spend to find a job 7 month in whole Somaliland, I applied more than 300 post and non appeared in short list and was asking myself why you? What is wrong your curriculum vitae (CV) but one day I asked my friend what is wrong? then said not only you thousand are similar to you. Fortunately/unfortunately I was not longer in home (Somaliland) I left and I’m in abroad again. fortunately I found job, unfortunately I left my home and my people.

With all that life circumstances for finding a job is become point our young graduates are worry spending time to thinking again and again how and where/when we will be employed and getting what their ambition was. uncountable graduates went to the neighbour country (Somalia) taking risk for themselves but we suppose to agree because they are look better life , instead of sitting tea cafeteria in Hargeisa or in other cities of the country,

Our immature government still do not have map to recover these situations and even you think maybe they do not aware what is going in the youth and young people the follower of the nation are serving most.

We as Somalilander we need to think and we should talk about others they are our brothers or sisters.

Somaliland has more than fourteen Universities whether public or private.

University of Hargeisa (Hargeisa)

Amoud university ( Borame)

Sanaag University( Erigavo)

Burco University ( Burco)

Nugal university (Lasanod)

Sahil University ( Berbera)

These are the public universities I mean government regulation Universities and government budge them to give some incentive form the central government but I believe they receive less from the government.

If we look in the private sector universities they more than public Universities.

Alpha University ( Hargeisa)

Golis University (Hargeisa)

Admas University (Hargeisa)

New Generation (Hargeisa)

Hope University (Hargeisa)

Badar University (Hargeisa)

East Africa University (Erigavo)

Golis University (Burco)

I’m sure there more, but if we calculate how money student will graduate in year and hoping to find a job. just let me take simple calculation

let’s say above 14 universities each one will produce in year 400@ 14= 5600 student in year. Therefore in year 4816 graduates are jobless if we take 14% and 784 graduate in labour force.

if we say from 2008 to 12013 we will get 28000 graduates student in Somaliland in five years and the percent of getting job is not more than 14% so 24,080 graduate are in tea shops, I’m about only graduate, full degree students in Somaliland only, why I took 400 figure because some Universities produce more than 800 student like University of Amoud and Hargeisa.

Also there big number who is from abroad like India/ Malaysia/ Sudan/ Pakistan/ Uganda/Yemen/ Egypt e.t.c

My discussion is not about the universities but to know how massive students will coming up the market and finding a job is increasing and our government will not have a plan, when the students graduate to make them busy.

but we have to have plan for our young educated brothers or sister instead of sitting tea cafeteria by reading local news or Eating Qad to make themselves busy

To be Continue

Abdihakim Ahmed Ali


Dar es Salaam