Somaliland: Liyuu Police Pursue Killer in Somaliland


Liyuu police renews incursions into Somaliland By: Yusuf M Hasan

BUHODLE (Somalilandsun) – A man has been killed and two women injured in Buhodle town.

An IDP from south Somalia has died from gunshot wounds sustained after a man welding an AK 47 automatic fired shot the deceased several times in the centre of Buhodle town where 2 women sustained serious injuries.

The late afternoon incident that resulted in the death has ensued with a contingent of Liyuu (new) police entering the country purportedly in pursuit of the killer. The reasons behind the border crossing of the Ethiopian Zone five based Liyuu police are not yet clear as the crime was perpetrated on Somaliland soil.

Reports from Buhodle indicate that the Liyuu police entered the town immediately after the killing spree that saw over 20 bullets fired at the dead IDP who was in a crowded place and said to have been escaping from the Ethiopian paramilitary unit who apprehended him.

The killer is thus in the hands of the Liyuu police who after apprehending him are said to have returned to their border post at the edge of Buhodle that serves as the entry point between the two countries.

It is yet to be established as per the reasons behind the shooting as well as the current condition of the two injured women who are receiving medical attention at the local hospital.

At the same time neither the Burao town based Togdheer regional government on whose jurisdiction Buhodle district falls under nor the central government in Hargeisa has issued reacted to the killings and most important the illegal incursion by the Liyuu police into Somaliland.

With the killer in the hands of the Ethiopians it is unclear how local authorities will manage his extradition thus arraign him in a local court on charges of the killing and the fatal injuries.

While wanton killing is against the law, the incursion into Somaliland territory by an armed foreign security team is the greater crime not to mention the arrest of the citizen by the said foreign security apparatus.