Somaliland: Let the NEC Review be Apt


This is an editorial of the government owned The Horn Tribune

Somalilandsun – When the National Assemblies Parliament (both upper and lower) gave the go ahead for an electoral process minus prior registration, when the NEC and contesting parties gave into the process, and lastly, when the whole country braved the morning chill and afternoon sun-soaking burns, all stakeholders new well what was at stake.

In the wake of the NEC declaration of postponing Hargeisa results hence reviewing the whole thing we should as well hope that no pandora box is being opened. We should lay our trust in Issa Hamari’s word that no major impact would befall the announced preliminary results.

Although hues and cries are part of any social or political game results, we know the real meaning of being at loggerheads in an election that has no prior elector registration.

It is completely impossible to either have a by-election or repeated elections in pockets of the country where electors have not been registered previously.

Secondly, legal and simple logics cannot be tabulated well nor referred to vividly in a court-of-law in case of litigations because of the lack of the all-important real or chief discerner of electorate registration process- the prior registration of electorate.

It is in the wake of the aftermath of the announcement of the elections that we appeal for real calm and real sobriety to prevail as NEC postpones its Hargeisa results to review it.

We never expected for such a decision to take place anyhow or anywhere since all voters we indeed unregistered and maximum care in handling of the situation was needed beforehand.

Now that the trust lays on the keepers of the boxes, we hope that all paths treaded or (to be retreaded) should bear no thorns.

The country can not afford the tarnishing of the elections nor can it afford new elections (since piecemeal will never be tangible nor free and fair) in such scenario.

It is high time that real voices of reason air out their wisdom, and traditional to SL, conciliations be made.

Most important though is that the state should stamp its foot down well enough to maintain, sustain and defend the statehood of the nation.

Our governance shouldn’t be punctured nor tinged with any dirt. We are a civilized people; we are a state, a nation and a country at that.

No mistake should be made about this fact nor should nobody be allowed to wear and tear our socio-political fabrics to tatters.

We hope that the review would put belligerent parties to rest their qualms. We support KULMIYE chief’s defence since his party was at par with others as far as authorities were concerned.

Kulmiye was not in charge of the elections, but the NEC was.

We also reiterate Hon. Hassan Isse’s sentiments that peaceful stability and sovereignty have no price tags.

The writer Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Egge is the editor of the Horn Tribune, a weekly English newspaper published by the Dawan Media Group in Hargeisa Somaliland