Somaliland: Baligubadle Councilor Elect Pays Homage to Supporters


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A youthful councilor elect has dedicatA joyful Baligubadle Councillor elect Abdilahi Aseed election victory to his supporters and baby daughter.

A Baligubadle local government Councilor Elect has thanked his supporters for facilitating his election in the just concluded local council elections.

The new council member, Abdilahi Mohamed Ali, 30 years of age who said that he is proud to be among the first batch of youthful leaders in the country, thanked his supporters for tremendous backing from day one of his election bid.

Said he, “It is with immense pleasure that I extend gratitude’s to my supporters for their votes that saw me elected councilor at the Baligubadle local government, I shall strive to fulfill my campaign pledges for area development, Inshallah”

The councilor elect who was the only one to succeed out of the 13 candidates sponsored by Dalsan party revealed that his councillorship becomes the more sweeter because of the birth of a baby daughter named Hadiyo (gift) Dalsan on the eve of ballot day.

The youthful councilor popular known as Abdilahi ASE who competed against 90 other candidates in contention garnered 766 out of the 17,034 votes cast thus become a member of Baligubadle local council. Baligubadle which is a district in Marodi Jeeh region is classified as a Class C local government thus 13 council members.