Somaliland: In Defence of Kulmiye Party


By: M.A.EggeKulmiye is leading other parties nationwide

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi has defended his party from accusations of rigging the just ended election.

“Those alleging that there was foul play have to address their complaints at the available legal channels,” said Mr. Bihi in an exclusive interview with a local cable TV.

He elaborated that there was no room for a party to manipulate the electoral process since the NEC was in control.

He further emphasized that “All vying parties had their own poling station representatives in the look out for malpractices against their charges.”

Mr. Bihi was visibly angered by rampant allegations that accused his party of not playing by the rules of the game in the elections.

“It should be clear that from all levels (district to regional) there has not been any individual (or groups) including NEC who came to us (KULMIYE) and accused us of foul play while the process was on,” clarified Mr. Bihi.

He further stated, “Further more all parties were involved in the entire processes up to vote counting stage”.

He thanked the President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mahmud and NEC for facilitating the holding of elections. He also thanked the international observers, all stake holders including the parties, contestants and members of the public for have held the elections to fruitful conclusions without any major hiccups.